Websays alerts are now available on the Easy Dashboard!


With the Websays alerts, you won’t miss any important mention about your brand. Keep reading this post and you’ll learn how to create personalized alerts in the Easy Dashboard with the criteria you want! ??


What are the advantages of Websays alerts?

  • You will receive mentions of all the social media (Twitter, Facebook, news, blogs, etc.) in the same alert! If you want, you can personalize it and receive only mentions from Twitter, for example. Or just negative mentions… the possibilities are endless!
  • Alerts will be sent when they meet the conditions of the topic to which they are linked. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourselves with the themes and their creation with this post.
  • You can synchronize the hours and emails you want to receive the alerts.


Let’s get to work! How do I create an alert? ?

First, once you have logged in with your username and password on the dashboard and you have selected the profile in which you are interested in creating the alert, go to settings (⚙️) on the top right and then to “Alert Manager“:



Here, in case you have already created alerts, the list will appear. To configure a new alert, press the button “➕ Create a New Alert” on the top right:


It is time to get down to work: as you will see in the following image, you must first put the name of the alert (in this example case, “Crisis alert”). For the name, it makes sense to think that this alert will want to include all conversation that has to do with crisis, either bad brand image or because something negative has happened. In addition, you can choose the emails to which you want to send the alert by adding each one with the green button ():



In addition, when setting up the alert, you must take into account other parameters such as:

  • Condition: this is what must be complied with for the alert to be sent. If, as in the example below, “10 clippings received” is configured, it means that the alert will only be sent when there are 10 clippings that comply with the selected theme (in the example case, the crisis theme) since the last alert has been sent. It is also possible to select last 24h, last 12h, last hour, last 30 minutes or a specific time. In the case of setting a condition, the alert will only be sent when the selected number of clippings is accumulated.
  • When to send it: to configure this part, or leave “when condition is met” that, in this case, will apply the criteria discussed in the previous point. Or, in the case that it is marked to “scheduled”, it will be possible to select the options: “between weekdays”, or any day of the week.
  • You can also add comments to the alert and, finally, select the time zone in which you wish to receive alerts:



Once all the parameters have been configured, all you have to do is click on “Create a New Alert” and the configuration of the alert will be saved in the list:




The alert is now ready to be received!

When the configured condition is complied with or the programmed time arrives, you will receive the alert in your email or in the emails that have been configured.


If you need help creating alerts, you can email us at help@websays.com.


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