A few small changes have been implemented in the topic editor… And here’s everything you need to know! ??


In a recent post we showed you how to create topics in Easy Dashboard in order to filter conversations from your profiles. However, the way to structure the desired and banned terms has slightly changed.

But don’t worry! Here’s what you need to keep in mind.


Changes in the creation and editing of topics ??

First of all, as you can see in the following image, the AND operator has been set by default although you can easily change it by displaying the tab and selecting OR or NEAR. So, once you have written the terms on the line and pressed ENTER to create the term in yellow, you must select which operator you want to use for the written terms and then press ➕ or ? to include or ban them. You should also know that, to make it faster, once you have the terms in yellow you can include or ban terms in the following way:




In this case, we will first select the OR operator to create the first line of the topic and if we want the words “autopista”, “autopistas” and “motorway” to always be shown when applying the topic. If we then apply a second line of terms with the AND operator, the configuration will look like this:



In addition, you can create ANDs for several words at once. To do so, you must type the OR operator together with the terms and, once you have it all written, press ENTER to have the set of words formed with the ORs within the same term. Then, all you have to do is choose the operator and click on ➕. In the following example, clippings containing the word “abertis” with “carretera” or “carreteras” will be included in the topic and configured as follows:



Although the first line is ORs and the second line is ANDs, as you can see in the image between them an OR will always be created. If, finally, we decide to ban terms that we don’t want to be included in the topic, between the rows of desired terms and the row of banned terms a NOT will be included:



With this guide and along with the previous one on creating topics in Easy Dashboard, you can easily configure your own topics. Remember that, for any doubt, you can write to us at help@websays.com or chat with us ?

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