In this post you will learn, step by step, how to create topics in your profiles. Check it out!


The creation of topics is very useful to limit and filter conversations in your profiles, since it allows you to create a personalized filter with the terms, authors, hashtags, urls, etc. that you want. Applying this custom filter, you will be able to limit the conversation to discover the insights of the topics that interest you most. Here’s how to create your topics in Easy Dashboard.

First, once you have logged in with your username and password on the dashboard and you have the profile in which you are interested in creating the topic, go to settings (⚙️) on the top right and then to “Topic Manager“:


Here, in case you already have topics created, the list of topics will appear. To add a new topic, click on the button “Create a New Topic” in the upper right corner:


It’s time to get down to work: as you’ll see in the next image, you must first put the name of the topic (in this example case, “Motorways”). By the name, it makes sense to think that in this topic you will want to include all the conversation related to motorways. In addition, you can choose whether the topic is visible to all users who have access in a profile or only to the creator. In addition, you must select or create a topic group, which is the grouping in which the topic will be included. In other words, a single topic can include as many topics as you want. You can also choose the color in which you want the dashboard to paint the created topic in the graphics.

To include or ban terms, authors and hashtags, you must start writing in the “Terms and Authors” box. Just type the word you want, press “ENTER” and the term will be created in yellow. Once you have them this way, you can click or to include or ban the terms you have written:



Once you’ve included all the terms, authors, hashtags and URLs desired and banned the terms you do not want to enter the search, in addition to determining other specifications such as the media in which you want to collect the clippings (Twitter, Facebook, News…), the type of content (own posts, retweets, etc.), the channels and the desired feeling, the configuration of the theme will be similar to:



As you can see in the topic manager, on the left side of each term line you can choose several operators:

  • OR: the topic will include mentions that include the terms, authors or hashtags that you have written in the row between ORs, even if they appear alone or together in the clipping. For example, in the case of motorways, all mentions containing the word “motorway” and all mentions containing “motorways” will be included in the topic.
  • AND: the clippings that include, in the same clipping, all the words that you write in the row will be collected in the topic. For example, following the example above, if in the terms “freeway” and “freeways” you changed the operator to AND, only clippings containing both words in the same clipping would be picked up.
  • NEAR (from 1 to 9): the clippings that include, in the same clipping, the words of the row with the corresponding word separations will be collected in the topic. For example, if it is a NEAR 2 and the terms in the row are “highway” and “highways,” clippings containing both words separated by no more than two words will be collected.



Once the operators have been configured correctly, all you have to do is take the simplest step! Save the changes with the button you will find on the right (Save changes) and the new created topic will appear in the list of topics, within the corresponding topic group:



If you go back to the clippings section, you can now apply your new topic to filter the conversation:


We hope that this post will help you to create your new topics. If you need help, you can write to us at


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