The first thing you have to do is to log in to the dashboard with your username and password (obviously! ?). Once inside, on the top right you will find the button to edit the profile in which you want to add your own channels:



When you are inside the profile editor, you will see the “boxes” where you must add the url of your corporate channel (either Twitter or YouTube). We’ll explain how to authenticate Facebook and Instagram later on this same post:



To do this, you must go to each specific social network and copy the URL of your corporate page. For example, in the case of the Websays corporate Twitter page:



Once you have copied the URL, in the profile editor you must paste it in the box that corresponds to each social network, click on ➕ and, ready! You already have your owned channel added to the dashboard:



And what about Facebook and Instagram? 


To add and authorize Facebook and Instagram corporate pages, you must first click on the blue “Authorize Facebook and Instagram” button and a message will appear warning you that, to authorize these channels, you must be logged in with the Facebook user who is the administrator of your company page. The message is the following:



That said, after reading the message, click on “Save Profile” and you will be redirected to Facebook to log in. You must log in with the administrator of your company page and then accept that Websays Insights collects the data of your publications from your brand’s company page.

Once you are logged in with your Facebook account, then you will see the following messages:



When you accept both messages, you will be redirected back to the Easy Dashboard “Edit Profile” page with the Facebook channel(s) already added and authorized:


Regarding Instagram’s owned channels, they will be added to the dashboard when accepting the Facebook conditions if the following conditions are met:

  • If the Instagram page of your brand is a company page and, therefore, is public.
  • If your brand’s Instagram page is linked to your brand’s Facebook business page.

In this case, Instagram’s owned channels will also be added and authorized on the Easy Dashboard. For this to happen it is necessary that the Instagram page is linked to the Facebook page manager account, here we tell you how to do it.


Last steps to keep in mind! ⚠️ 

If you authenticate your Facebook and Instagram channels with a Facebook user who manages several company pages, as for example in the case of agencies that have several corporate profiles of other companies, you must bear in mind that:

  • Even if you are editing the selected profile (in the example, Websays), once you authenticate Facebook, all the company pages that you manage with the introduced Facebook user will be added to the channels section. Therefore, it may be that other channels that do not correspond to the profile you are editing may be added
  • For that reason, you will have to eliminate the owned channels that do not correspond with the profile that you are editing. For example, if you are editing the Websays profile, you must remove all channels that do not correspond to Websays:



  • Finally, all you have to do is click on “Save profile” and it’s ready!
  • Oh, and don’t forget to repeat the same process for your other dashboard profiles! – remember that, as we explained to you in this last step, if you use the same Facebook user to manage several pages, when you authenticate they will all be added to you and you will have to remove those that do not correspond to the profile you are editing ?.

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