In order to ease the dashboard use for some specific tasks, Websays has added two new ways of viewing your clippings: the compact mode and the expanded.

So from now on you will be able to view your clippings in 3 ways: compact mode, conversation mode and expanded mode.

The conversation mode is the usual Clipping visualization we have used until now:


conversation mode


The new compact mode, shows the clippings without grouping by conversation so every clipping has the same weight. Tweets, Replies or Retweets, Posts or Comments, they all are shown as pieces of content. This view makes it easier to edit their sentiment or reject them no matter if they belong to a conversation or not. It’s like working with the downloaded version in excel but directly from the dashboard allowing all it’s filtering and soon you will be able to sort by each column as well as hiding the metrics and showing only Author and Text.


compact mode


IMPORTANT: The Tweets and Retweets are linked even if they show independently cause they have the same content, so when we change sentiment or language, this change will affect them all automatically although you can tag or reject them independently.


And finally the third mode, the expanded mode, which is similar to the conversation more but with a more graphical view. This new way to visualise clippings is designed for the clippings to be used in your reports. In this mode, the content is more visible, specially the images, so they look more like they do in the original social media network.


modo expandido


In order to switch view modes, simply click the blue buttons:

Clipping Mode Switch


At Websays we encourage you to use this features and choose your preferred mode, this will be selected by default for you.

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