How to add and authorise your owned channels?

The first thing you have to do is to log in to the dashboard with your username and password (obviously! ?). Once inside, on the top right you will find the button to edit the profile in which you want to add your own channels:



When you are inside the profile editor, you will see the “boxes” where you must add the url of your corporate channel (either Twitter or YouTube). We’ll explain how to authenticate Facebook and Instagram later on this same post:



To do this, you must go to each specific social network and copy the URL of your corporate page. For example, in the case of the Websays corporate Twitter page:



Once you have copied the URL, in the profile editor you must paste it in the box that corresponds to each social network, click on ➕ and, ready! You already have your owned channel added to the dashboard:



And what about Facebook and Instagram? ?


To add and authorize Facebook and Instagram corporate pages, you must first click on the blue “Authorize Facebook and Instagram” button and a message will appear warning you that, to authorize these channels, you must be logged in with the Facebook user who is the administrator of your company page. The message is the following:



That said, after reading the message, click on “Save Profile” and you will be redirected to Facebook to log in. You must log in with the administrator of your company page and then accept that Websays Insights collects the data of your publications from your brand’s company page.

Once you are logged in with your Facebook account, then you will see the following messages:



When you accept both messages, you will be redirected back to the Easy Dashboard “Edit Profile” page with the Facebook channel(s) already added and authorized:


Regarding Instagram’s owned channels, they will be added to the dashboard when accepting the Facebook conditions if the following conditions are met:

  • If the Instagram page of your brand is a company page and, therefore, is public.
  • If your brand’s Instagram page is linked to your brand’s Facebook business page.

In this case, Instagram’s owned channels will also be added and authorized on the Easy Dashboard.


Last steps to keep in mind! ⚠️ 

If you authenticate your Facebook and Instagram channels with a Facebook user who manages several company pages, as for example in the case of agencies that have several corporate profiles of other companies, you must bear in mind that:

  • Even if you are editing the selected profile (in the example, Websays), once you authenticate Facebook, all the company pages that you manage with the introduced Facebook user will be added to the channels section. Therefore, it may be that other channels that do not correspond to the profile you are editing may be added
  • For that reason, you will have to eliminate the owned channels that do not correspond with the profile that you are editing. For example, if you are editing the Websays profile, you must remove all channels that do not correspond to Websays:



  • Finally, all you have to do is click on “Save profile” and it’s ready!
  • Oh, and don’t forget to repeat the same process for your other dashboard profiles! – remember that, as we explained to you in this last step, if you use the same Facebook user to manage several pages, when you authenticate they will all be added to you and you will have to remove those that do not correspond to the profile you are editing ?.

How to request a new search profile?

You have to go into



Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the PDF
  2. Complete the PDF
  3. Send the filled PDF to


Our analysts will review the configuration and will contact in several days depending on the complexity of the search.

How to link Instagram pages to a Facebook Account?

To link the profile of Instagram with Facebook, you must open your FB page from your administrator profile:


link the profile of Instagram with Facebook


Afterwards, click on configuration (upper right part of the screen).


link FB IG


Then, click on Instagram (left side of the screen).


link IG & FB


Next, press in Add your IG account to start and log in.


link Instagram with Facebook


After it will ask you to register by entering your username and password.


log in IG


When entering your information you can see your account information and that the process has been completed correctly.


IG and FB


Don’t hesitate to contact with us if you have any questions:

Does the accent mark matter for the search terms?

No, to gather the words with and without accent it is not necessary to make use of an accent mark in the search terms.

Can I request an empty search profile and fill it out later?

No. What can be done is to follow the procedures for registering a new profile, providing our team of analysts with all the relevant information so that when the day arrives the listening is activated.
The only users that will be able to create profiles and new projects are our analysts since the reception and initial configuration of the data must be done under the supervision of a team of experts.

To create a new project, follow the steps indicated in the section: How to request a new search profile?



How does the selector work for hours?

The predefined filter that exists of the last 24 hours, the last 2-7 days, etc, will filter from the moment that the consultation has been made until the same time of the day or the previous period.

That is to say, if the enquiry is made at 10:00 hours on Monday and apply the filter “last 24 hours” the system will display the data from Sunday to 10:00 hours until Monday at 10:00 hours.


2018 February 6, Facebook API Update and Changes

Facebook made some modifications to its API which means most Facebook author data becomes anonymised.

This means that most of the Facebook data shown on Websays will not include a username, avatar or any other ID from the 6th of February.

However, all historical author data collected will still be available and not anonymized.
This affects all data providers who consume Facebook data. It’s not just a Websays problem, these changes will affect everyone.

What does “anonymised author data” actually mean?

  • No name (field is null)
  • No other ID
  • No profile picture
  • All counted as 1 author in unique author counts

Will I still see mentions?

Yes, you can still see the Facebook comment mentions, but the author names will be anonymized.

How much of the author data is anonymized?

  • The name and avatar will now be anonymized.
  • The mention verbatim, date and time, sentiment, topic extraction and other metadata around the mention will still be available.

Does this only affect Websays?

No. This affects every provider that consumes Facebook data.

How does this work for historical data?

All historical author data collected will still be available and non-anonymized.

What about posts and comments brands, organizations and other non-user pages?

These are not anonymized.

Will this affect Channels and Queries?

Yes. It will affect any part of the app where Facebook author data is present.

However, any data collected using an Admin Token (where the user has administrator rights to a page) will not be anonymized. To do this, the channel must be verified.

How does this really affect the graphs?

  • Authors – Facebook individuals authors won’t be listed
  • Facebook Audience – Facebook author names won’t be shown, the avatar will be replaced with a generic image.
  • Key Insights – Volume of Unique Authors will drop as Facebook authors will no longer be counted.

Instagram API Update and Changes April 5, 2018

We answer any questions you may have regarding the change in the Instagram API. These changes affect every provider in the industry.

  • If no administrator user is available for an Instagram profile, Websays cannot be authorized to ensure data entry of the Channels.
  • Channels metrics will therefore only be available to administrators of those corporate channels.


Q: How do I ensure I authenticate my brand’s Instagram account in Instagram Analytics to ensure my Instagram Channel still works?

A: It’s really simple, when you create an Instagram channel it asks you for the account you want to follow, then on the next screen it asks you to authenticate.


Q: With the Non-Owned Channels API being deprecated – will clients need to authenticate with the owner credentials for the channels they own, or how does Websays recognise they are the channel owner?

A: If you own the Instagram account, you definitely need to authenticate that account against Websays if you want us to continue to collect data going forwards, otherwise this will be treated as a non-owned page. Our app knows you are the owner of the page, because you are asked to log in with the account when you create a channel.

Regarding channels that are not our own (e.g. other branded channels and influencers), we apologize that we won’t be able to receive data from these channels anymore and, according to Instagram’s statements, this functionality is not expected to return in the future.


Q: Will my Query volumes go down for my Hashtag searches?

A: No. There’s no change Instagram data collected using Hashtag searches.



Q: Does your Image Analysis for Instagram product still work?

A: Yes – our Logo detection capability is completely unaffected.


Q: Have you received a similar drop in Facebook rate limit access?

A: No – actually. Facebook Graph API already has the lower (200 requests per hour) rate limit. This change simply brings Instagram inline with Facebook


Q: Do these changes affect historical instagram data that I’ve collected for my marketing campaign?

A: No – this only relates to ongoing Instagram data collection from this point forwards



Q: Will I be able to see the author and their avatar?

A: We will only be able to show the avatar of our verified channel, as happened with the change in Facebook these data become “non-identifying” and will not be reflected in the metrics.


Q: Will we have access to @OWNCHANEL mentions in third person accounts or will we only be able to monitor what happens in our IG accounts?

A: Depends on how you’re looking for @OWNCHANNEL mentions

If you are trying to add Instagram channels to all these third person accounts, then, unfortunately, we will not collect any mentions that belong to these third person channels.
However, if we search for @OWNCHANNEL with (at_mentions:OWNCHANNEL AND site:instagram) in a query, then we could still collect the mentions that are being received through our hashtag crawling and the channels that are still allowed to collect data. The good news is that our hashtag coverage has not been affected by these changes. (The only changes are the restriction of personal data, for example for the author you will see the handle – @websays instead of the username of Websays Spain).

Which browser version can I use with the Dashboard?

Recommended: Chrome, Safari 10, Firefox, Edge
Working but NOT recommented: Internet Explorer 11
Not working: Internet Explorer 10 or less, Safari 9

Why are some Facebook posts missing?

Facebook closed its “search API” almost a year ago. This does not affect the corporate pages on Facebook, but it does affect all the public conversation on other Facebook pages.

Due to the closing of the search API all the monitoring tools (Radian 6, etc.) have stopped monitoring on Facebook by keywords. In Websays, thanks to our analysts, we continue to collect a part of the Facebook conversation.

Facebook requires tokens to collect data and the more tokens we can give them, the more coverage you get.

To get tokens, Facebook requires users to log in through our application. Generally speaking, the more people you identify with, the better your Facebook coverage will be. Also, if a Facebook page manager is authenticated, we can get significantly better coverage for that particular channel.

To ensure that as many customers as possible get the best Facebook coverage, we have created a new channel authentication process.


Contact with for more information.

Use cases

How can I set up the right search?

?Solution: Websays Analysts

✅ How?

  • Simply using the Websays service, an analyst will be assigned your profiles and create searches and filter them you, the rest is done by our algorithms. These searches can include terms, hashtags and authors so that no mention is lost! Here is an example of a query:


  • With Websays, apart from collecting the mentions that come from corporate social network channels, you can listen to external channels in which the brand is not mentioned with either @ or #, such as news, blogs and forums, and so on. As you can see in the following image, the collected mentions come from news in which the Abertis brand is mentioned without specifically mentioning it with hashtag or @:


ROI/Benefit: 50% staff time reduction, because with a single unified platform (Websays Dashboard) you can collect all the mentions of your brand or competitors visually and get analytics and graphics about them without having to look and search each social network separately. 

Customer example: Abertis

Industry: Motorway management

How can I clean non-relevant data?

?Solution: Websays Analysts and Dashboard

✅ How?

  • The assigned analyst will be in charge daily of ensuring that no spam enters and, in addition, our self-learning algorithms will be in charge of stabilizing it so that it does not enter spam automatically.
  • However, you can clean up non-relevant data yourself using the dashboard in the following way:
    • 1. Select the clipping or clippings you want to reject/delete. In this particular case, the two selected clippings must be removed because, containing the word “infarto”, have entered in the dashboard but do not talk about the brand.
    • 2. Click on the “reject” button:


ROI/Benefit: 50% staff time reduction thanks to the analyst cleaning your profile daily. However, the fact that you can clean the profile yourself is another benefit as it saves you time to contact the analyst to remove the mention or clipping.

Industry example: Health

How to summarize all the conversation?

?Solution: Websays Dashboard (metrics, filters and topics)

✅ How?

  • There are brands with millions of mentions literally impossible to read one by one, so it’s mandatory to summarize such amount of information by the metrics that the Websays Dashboard is offering automatically. Those metrics are the sentiment or the word/entities clouds.
  • Mostly, the Websays Topics allow the user to isolate the conversation about a specific topic of conversation and see all the metrics applied only for that topic:



ROI/Benefit: 50% staff time reduction, given that with the Websays platform and service you can limit great conversations to detect only the topics or issues that interest you to improve your business and your brand image.

Client example: Volotea

Industry: Airline

How to see real-time data?

?Solution: Websays Clippings

✅ How?

  • The Websays Clippings Inbox is sorted by Date by default which allows real time in a centralized way, all that’s being said all over the Internet about a specific brand or product, from Twitter to any other social network or digital channel
  • In addition, when new clippings enter the dashboard you will see a sign on the right side of the clippings, which lets you know instantly what new clippings have entered:

ROI/Benefit: 30% staff time reduction since, with a unified platform, you can know at the moment and in real time what is said about your brand on the web.

Client example: Diputació de Barcelona

Industry: Public administration

How to cover all languages?

?Solution: Websays Service

✅ How?

  • Even if you don’t speak all languages, Websays understands them, so all Websays metrics can summarize this conversation for you and tell you for example the language share or even the sentiment for the main languages in the world. With indicators and sentiment graphs you can filter the conversation to analyze what users say in different languages.
  • In addition, Websays Dashboard can analyze sentiment for major languages so you can take action. You just need to filter by languages and then look at the sentiment graph:

ROI/Benefit: Avoids hiring multilanguage personnel who speaks the languages of your target territories.

Client example: Volotea

Industry: Airline

Doing digital clipping

?Solution: Websays crawler

✅ How? Our quality standards are very high which means we are adding new sources to our crawler on a daily basis so we don’t miss a single mention about you. For some countries and industries we might not, that’s why our customers can simply send us new sources to crawl.

ROI/Benefit: From the PR point of view, it is mandatory to know the brand’s and campaigns’ impact and it is a usual expense in all Marketing budgets.

Campaign tracking in external channels

?Solution: Websays Dashboard

✅ How?

  • By simply using the Websays Dashboard, all mentions outside the brand’s channels will be hitting the Inbox in a centralized way plus it will be marked as external conversation so the user will be able to differentiate from the conversation within the corporate channels. Normally the type of conversation is very different in those channels so it will provide with meaningful and more realistic information about public opinion than the one generated within the brand’s channels:

ROI/Benefit: Hiring an alternative Digital Clipping Service plus a Social Networks listening tool or make a daily search manually!

Customer example: CEMEX

Industry: Construction

Crisis detection on time

?Solution: Websays Alerts

✅ How?

  • Identify delicate topics and connect alerts to be sent when certain volume is reached on those OR simply send alerts for negative sentiment sudden increases. To create alerts in your profiles, you can check here the post that explains, step by step, how to configure alerts in the Easy Dashboard.

ROI/Benefit: Reputation crisis can reduce sales and affect important deals

Customer example: CaixaBank

Industry: Banking

Generating Reports

?Solution: Websays My Reports

✅ How?

  • The reports are all automated so that given any selection of dates, sources, channels or even topic, all the metrics and graphics can be easily generated for a clear data comprehension with a few clicks.
  • Using the My Reports tool (read this post) you can create report templates tailored to your needs with basic graphs, evolution, own channels or top 10’s, indicators and comparisons.
  • In addition, you can send these reports via email to the interested people quickly and easily: to do so, you have to click on the button “Preview Report”, you will generate the report and then you must click “Send by Email” (you have all the steps explained in the post mentioned above):


ROI/Benefit: 30% staff time reduction, avoid hiring external reporting firms.

Customer example: Udon

Industry: Hospitality

Designing Reports

?Solution: Websays My Reports

✅ How?

  • The Reports Publisher is platform that allows maximum report customization while creating. In a few minutes, the user can include any graphic or clipping from the dashboard in order to generate a report that can be downloaded or sent by email. If you want to learn how to create your own templates step by step, make sure to check this post. 
  • Given the simplicity of its use, it allows you to design report templates and reports in a short time:

ROI/Benefit: 30% staff time reduction and avoids hiring external reporting services. 

Customer example: Udon

Industry: Hospitality

Calculate a campaign’s impact

?Solution: Websays Topics & Reports

✅ How?

  • Websays allows the user to calculate a campaign’s impact in Twitter or the total impact on the Internet through the Topic filtering and reports like the Indicators.
  • By creating a topic in the Easy Dashboard related to the campaign you want to measure, that is, including the keywords or hashtags of the campaign, you can filter by this topic and get graphs and indicators of only the campaign.
  • Also, as we show you below, through the topics of can measure the impact of certain activities or days within an event. In this specific case, the impact of the “Digital Future Society” event within the Smart City Expo Word Congress was measured:

ROI/Benefit: If a campaign is defined only with a #hashtag, it’s easy to measure in Twitter, but not in the rest of digital sources and moreover, it will be impossible to calculate the global impact in all sources without a active listening tool like Websays.

Client example: Fira de Barcelona

Industry: Events

Isolate customer care conversation

?Solution: Websays Topics

✅ How?

  • Some industries like in the airlines have a lot of noise in their supposed to be promotion channels like Facebook or Twitter: the customer complaints. Based on specific keywords our analysts could create smart Topics in order to identify those mentions so now the customer can give the Websays Dashboard to a Customer Service representative in order to respond and try to change the channel of conversation into a non-public one.
  • For example, as we see below, by creating a “Client Service” topic, the conversation can be filtered to obtain mentions pertaining to customer complaints:

ROI/Benefit: The impact of complains and customer service type of conversations within the usual promotion channels of a brand, can directly reduce sales aggressively.

Customer example: Volotea

Industry: Travel

Identify authors and influencers

?Solution: Websays Clippings & Reports

✅ How?

  • Using the Authors chart in the Websays Clippings or the Sorting by Followers or by Impact, the community opinion leaders can be easily identified. Using the Topics filtering, those leaders can be also targeted by topic of conversation.
  • In addition, in the Reports -> Top 10’s tab you can get a top 10 list of the authors who have participated most in the conversation and of the influencers (authors with more followers) who have talked about the brand:

ROI/Benefit: Contracting a market study to identify influencers can be super expensive, specially if the industry is big enough and if specific topics of interest are required.

Customer example: Mercadona

Industry: Retail

Multibrand monitoring

?Solution: Websays Analysts

✅ How? With both the profiles and the topics correct setup, our analysts can configure the Websays Dashboard to show all mentions about a group or only a brand, product or branch, specially important both for groups like Pascual, restaurant chains like Starbucks or hotel chains like NH in order to analyse conversations and feeling about particular locations.

ROI/Benefit: There is no service in the market capable of isolating conversations about a specific spot within a restaurant or hotel chain. That being said, it will be required to hire one or more analysts to do it manually plus purchasing a monitoring tool for the conversation external to the brand’s social channels or reviewers like TripAdvisor.

Customer example: Starbucks

Industry: Food & Beverages


?Solution: Websays Comparisons

✅ How?

  • Compare your brand to its competitors see where they stand in market using the Websays Comparisons and follow other strategies in Social Media within the same market and region.
  • With Websays Comparisons you can compare the volume, media, sentiment, languages, authors, domains and word clouds of your brand with your competitors:

ROI/Benefit: It is required to have an active listening tool to obtain all data and a qualified data analyst and a lot of hours to manually segment this kind of data on a daily basis.

Customer example: Roche

Industry: Healthcare

Emergency prevention

?Solution: Websays Alerts

✅ How?

  • For security departments or police forces, the Topics creation around situations which might become potentially dangerous or the emergencies Alerts around specific words, will help them prevent real life crisis or initiate response protocols right when dangerous activities start to happen in any digital source.
  • Identify delicate topics and connect alerts to be sent when certain volume is reached on those OR simply send alerts for negative sentiment sudden increases. To create alerts in your profiles, you can check here the post that explains, step by step, how to configure alerts in the Easy Dashboard.

ROI/Benefit: Every week we hear new cases of violence that could have been prevented by simply listening to the right channels where those violents speak freely. Casualties and public space damages could be prevented.

Customer example: Mossos d’Esquadra

Industry: Police

Demonstrations assistance prediction

?Solution: Websays Topics

✅ How? From the volume gathered by Websays within social media and online channels, it can be easily predicted the amount of real people who will attend a demonstration in order to plan for security forces to control it. Given a specific city, the ratio between social volume before the actual event takes place and the real number of people attending is surprisingly fixed.

ROI/Benefit: For a city, the damages in public space for the lack of police presence in demonstrations can get to millions of pounds.

Customer example: CaixaBank Security

Industry: Banking

Trend alerts

?Solution: Websays Alerts

✅ How?

  • Often is difficult to know when a certain topic is starting to arise in the digital conversation. With the intelligent Websays Alerts, the user will know in real time when for instance a hashtag or a specific topic has a sudden change of behaviour given its volume in short periods of time.
  • Identify delicate topics and connect alerts to be sent when certain volume is reached on those OR simply send alerts for negative sentiment sudden increases. To create alerts in your profiles, you can check here the post that explains, step by step, how to configure alerts in the Easy Dashboard.

ROI/Benefit: It is required to have a data analyst listening, storing and analyzing the conversation on a daily basis in order to be able to detect those changes.

Customer example: Barcelona City Council

Industry: Public administration

Help and support

?Solution: Websays Analysts & Websays Help

✅ How to use the tool?

  • Thanks to a dedicated analyst for each customer, refining searches, understanding social behaviours, creating topics or alerts; gets much easier.
  • Besides, you can consult our help guide to solve any doubt about the dashboard. 

ROI/Benefit: Websays Service avoids hiring qualified personnel in social analytics.